Email Marketing

Email Marketing goes in and out of favour from year to year, but frankly, it is the cornerstone of “touch point marketing” strategies.

The key to Email Marketing is “content”, if you don’t have anything interesting, informative and helpful, then say NOTHING! Content in all online marketing must be relevant and valuable to the recipient.

These days the open rate on many programmes can be as low as 3%, we guarantee open rates of over 20%, but depending on industry and message we generally reach in excess of 30% and response rates over 10%.

Actually, we are obtaining australian email for a long time so if you want to do an email campaign instantly, we are the best partner. Many of our Emarketing campaigns are developed in concert with our Tele-Influence programmes which work following up the email programmes. The reality is you can sent all the communication outward, but we need to make sure we show potential clients that we “care” that we are “in this relationship!

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Experience Australian Email Campaign

Our email marketing program has so many features that will help you make an effective email marketing campaign and we are expert in Australian email marketing. Increase your sales and easily promote your products with our email marketer, emarketingpass.