Social Media

Social Media is the ‘non-linear” concept of promotion, but more simply put, is the way we can begin a conversation with current and potential customers. Prior to the advent of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the main way of promotion was via television, radio and magazines, or “linear” promotion or communication, a very top down, born to rule approach. But Social Media has changed all that, in fact that change started with websites that allowed the consumer to leave comments. Today, a well-run Social Media strategy can mean disasters can quickly be avoided, or at least managed effectively.

Today I had a spac attack over a ticketing issue for a show. It was a bit of a mix up, in part because I had had a laptop take early retirement, and some data was lost. Long story short, I had limited time, trouble getting through, so, I sprayed on Facebook (poor behaviour on my part, frankly). However, they were back to me almost immediately, direct and quick messaging through Facebook and they had me sorted. The resolution through Social Media took less than 20 minutes which included 4 pieces of communication. The firm was Ticketmaster, and frankly they showed exactly why Social Media is such an important tool in your marketing mix, kudos to them.