(telemarketing with manners)

For many years the internal sales department was the day to day link between customers and the organisation. And today there has been a conscious shift away from the “telemarketing”, one size fits all mentality that took over in the 90s.

It is not sensible for someone to be talking eggs today and nails tomorrow. At Converging Solutions we manage our programmes in such a way as to be on one hand, clear, concise and up front about our relationship with our clients. But on the other hand, we become an intrinsic part of our clients’ offering.

The real breakout for our organisation came almost 3 years ago, working for a small business. Today, that client is still with us, we are now up to our 4 project with them and have run two projects with the client’s brother-in-law.

Today with his latest range, things are different, price points are different, volumes are different. However, we work together to ensure we tweak the methodology, the scripts, the closes and more.

Just as any business needs to understand the potential market and its needs, we need to review and manage our communications.

Our clients include EIS, Strata Management, IT Solutions Providers, Investment Strategists (Real Estate Investment) and Finance Providers. We build, manage and call their current and potential customers for them.