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Converging Solutions has been building websites for over 12 years, starting with small businesses such as a specialist foundry, elegant bed & breakfasts, and a turf farmer. Of course while we still support small business, these days our clients are some of the most successful brands worldwide.

The key to our success is that we still provide artisan service, i.e. the principal is always involved with the process of strategy and development, and while that may change slightly over time, he is always only a phone call away.

While we prefer to manipulate and code WordPress sites, utilising themes that give our customers a good idea of the possibilities up front, we can then personalise or tailor the creative outcome. Please review our portfolio .

Website is A Must

Long time ago, businessmen turn to giving fliers, newspapers, big banners to advertise their business. But now many people turn to the world wide web for promoting their business. Nowadays, website is not just for advertising business they are also the place for selling. Websites like that are now called e-commerce website. So if you are looking for a dependable, knowledgeable, established website development company, you are in the right place!

We usually do website with WordPress but we could also build sites without CMS. WordPress usually comes with templates and themes but we can develop website with custom design according to your business and preferences. Visit our portfolio to see our previous website development projects.

Sample of Website Design

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