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  • The Perils of Pauline & Website Development
    Converging Solutions / September 30, 2016
    This week I spent a few hours with a new client, and while I understand, as much as anyone how challenging it is to set up an online strategy and carry it out, I am regularly appalled at how businesses get charged for product (websites etc) that have the life cycle of 12 months and […]
  • Engagement is not a dirty word!
    Converging Solutions / December 25, 2015
    It is funny, but when we commit to building or managing a brand, we really need to “get it”! There was a time when I worked for “feel good” products, things that helped esteem. Today, older, maybe a little wiser, I work for companies that have integrity. Yes, beyond all else, they are trying to […]
  • SEO
    Converging Solutions / December 1, 2015
    Search Engine Optimisation is more complex today with all the changes at Google, however, it has never been more important. The measure of crosslinks and backlinks can cause sites great problems. When links are missing things like “anchoring phrases” that show up to the “bot” as being “not secure”. This means the website loses some […]
  • Start Ups & Communication
    Converging Solutions / July 7, 2015
    Never before has Small and Medium Business along with Start-Ups had so much potential for such small cost. In the last 20 years, the world of technology has changed how we manufacture, how we manage, and most of all how we communicate. There was a cartoon show called the Jetsons, which is probably still running, […]
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