Viral Marketing is an interesting concept, but once you drill down, at its core, Viral Marketing is all about recommendation. Today, as in the past, all business owners and CEOs will tell you personal recommendation is the premium method of marketing.

For me, Apple generate that personal recommendation better than anyone, how? Simply by the absolute best customer service seen since the fifties probably. They don’t just go the “extra mile”, but they complete the journey with you.

So, in today’s busy world how can I get “personal recommendation”, well it is challenging but far from impossible. Social Media, on one hand, has changed the news cycle, it has altered how, when and where we communicate, but it has on the other hand brought us closer together, and that unity has been brought about, in no small way, by the advent of the iPhone and the subsequent development of smart devices. Today, my connection to friends and community is in our pocket, purse or attaché.

Therefore the Business App, provides a marketing tool like no other! But it doesn’t change marketing principles, rather it enforces them!

Using this type of marketing has its pitfalls, not the least of which is creating content/offers/promotions that only have relevance to recipients. This is not a broad brush, one size fits all marketing channel, it needs to be targeted.

I recall the gurus of E-marketing trying to move back a tide of spam, while people and organisations were flooding in boxes with information irrelevant to large numbers of recipients, the result has been high levels of government legislation, as well as company and personal Junk Mail software, that has all but made email marketing challenging. However, used correctly, and well targeted it can still be highly effective.


Apps provide businesses, charities, sports clubs and more to connect to their “supporters” and provide those “supporters” to personally recommend your enterprise to their friends.

At Converging Solutions we have begun working with a Rugby Club, it has been around for 50 years, our App will now give that club the capacity to finally link to current, future and past players and supporters in a way previously beyond the capabilities of an amateur organisation, despite its size.

Every member of that community can be apprised of up to date issues and events through a push message. Just as 10 years ago, emails created closer communication, the Business App is, no doubt, a better and more friendly “plugin” to our lives.

A great  way to help the “viral” process that Apps provide is video, at Converging Solutions, we recognise that one of the greatest ways to tell the “back story” of an organisation is with short “Blogumentaries”, i.e. short pieces of film/video telling parts of the organisational story. These Blogumentaries can then be populated across the various social media formats, and linked through their App!

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As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words!

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