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We make sense of the online world for business.
With the shifting nexus of marketing and technology,
we help your business connect to its market now, making
it relevant today and creating a pathway into the future!
Strategy, Management & Outcomes.


Who We Are.

We are a team of professionals based onshore and off.
We build solutions.

  • that you can already see
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    From a simple pointer website to complex corporate website as well as integrated applications, Converging Solutions help your business bring its vision and strategy to reality. More than a website developer, Converging Solutions is an integrated solutions provider that can take your silo strategies and build them into a marketing beach head for growth, using the latest SEO, Backlinking, and Social Media solutions to your business.
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    With a combined experience of over 30 years’, Converging Solutions can help you convert your history into online marketing strategies which ensure the days of happenstance are history! When online strategies can be managed, then they can be measured and therefore improved!



    The days of linear communication may not be over, but they are certainly experiencing “the death rattle”. At Converging Solutions we have been at the forefront of engagement through digital channels, and have re-vitalised old processes into new strategies of touch point marketing connections. Whether we are talking blogs, SEO, backlinking, social media, tele-influencing or email marketing. We tie online communication together in a way that can build recommendations for your products and services.



    Today’s world is vastly different to say 20 years ago, where, if you had a lazy $5 mill you could flood TV with linear messaging and sit back. Marketing requires far more detailed strategies, segmenting and channel focus. The good news is Converging can pull that together for you. Your business can be as effective today as the “big guys” with less money, while outsourcing the leg work to us. Not like having a high level marketing specialist onsite, you simply invest in what you need on a project or time basis, and get on with the things you are good at. Call us for an obligation free telephone consultation.


    How We Work.




    Differentiate. We assess your business, your brands and your potential. In that way we can come back to you with a point or set of differences that we can both work with and on, differentiation is the cornerstone of any successful business. The “me toos” just don’t cut it today!  






    Engagement. We work across most channels of the Digital Spectrum (Apps, Blog, Email, Social Media, SEO/Backlink, Tele-Influence and Website Development. By building Engagement, we help you build a reputation through word of mouth, feedback and recognised and acknowledged service outcomes.




    Exclusivity. We operate on an exclusive basis, i.e. if say we worked for Vodafone, we wouldn’t then actively seek to engage with Telstra. In this way, the opportunity for “conflict” is negated, and both our team and yours can be confident all intellectual property and strategies are kept internal. Converging Solutions actually converges with your business; we see ourselves as a part of you. We can direct you to our clients to reference this experience. So call us today on 1300 573 512 and we will set up a telephone consultation.

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