Converging is Now Developing WordPress Plugin

Converging Solutions / May 12, 2017

We usually do websites for many years with the very popular CMS in the world, WordPress. Its so effective and very friendly for PHP programmers who wants to built website in no time. But one of our client requires to have a function in their site that cannot be found in WordPress plugin library. They have a physical store here in Australia and they are using POS machines that is served by other company. But they want that their POS data should be synchronize with the website’s data that we are serving. So what should we do? We do our own plugins now. This plugin we are developing will automatically synchronize the Woocomerce’s data (another plugin for converting WordPress to online store) to their POS’s data. So if you have a WordPress website and want to have some functionalities that cannot be done with the existing plugin in the market, let us do it for you!

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