Email Marketing Case Study

Converging Solutions / January 29, 2017

Emarketing or email marketing when done effectively and following all the rules of compliance, is one of the most effective ways to talk to potential customers. Converging Solutions has worked with both large and small businesses. The largest client a finance company, was split 80% direct to consumer, as they fund cars, boats, caravans and more. While the 20% target was focussed on accountants, financial advisors directed more at business advisers for the funding of equipment such as trucks, tractors and high value capital items.

The organisation had database challenges, competing agendas, and had time sensitive broadcast issues. The total database was almost 100,000. That needed to be “cleaned”, duplications meant the audience would become hostile when receiving multiple emails.

The process was not straight forward, due to the range of market segments and the fact some customers had signed up for information and updated under different email addresses.

Implementation Schedule for Functional Email lists-

  • Sanitising and incorporating lists to 30 days.
  • Building additional B2B lists 30 days concurrent.
  • Template Design 15 days.
  • 1st Broadcast immediately following the 30 days.

List sanitising then became an automated process.

Open rates achieved at 25 to 30 percent.

Lead rates achieved at 1.6 to 2 percent of open rates.


Average cost to client around $1000 per month, over a twelve month period, varying slightly depending on additional template development and other cost factors.


Case #2 Small Provider of Innovative Icing Products:

Cake and baker supply products are the focus of this client, who market directly and use Emarketing and Telemarketing as the main source of lead generation, and they have used Converging Solutions for three product releases and establishing strong customer bases.

The Process:

  • Lead Development and/or sanitising current lists and updating and building additional targets.
  • Develop templates and content for broadcast.
  • Follow up with tele-influence calls.

Success rate varies according to product range, a hand-made chocolate range was not highly successful, however both icing sheet printing and colours, flavours and gels for decoration and colouring, again highly successful. This client has used Converging for almost 4 years.

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