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Converging Solutions / September 9, 2014

Part of the Converging Solutions’ suite of services is Email Marketing, in fact our services in this arena are normally integrated with “tele-influence” calls.

In a way, through strategic touch points, we help move potential clients to consider and ultimately buy our clients’ offerings.

Both email and telemarketing services have been abused, in that some marketers and business owners think is some is good, tons are better!

Nothing could be further from the truth, and the reason for this blog item is exactly that. I recently opted to a company’s email programme, through a great competition. Sadly, rather than finding out more about me, or trying to refine their offerings, I simply get inundated with emails. Of course, the result will be, competition or no, I will be unsubscribing any day now.

The fact is, we all get many irrelevant emails, and they get junked manually and automatically, so the email needs to be followed up with a call. Our system is simple and quite “old fashioned” , oh yes, and it works, for the following reasons:

  1. Our emails are targeted, i.e. we do not send emails to people who are unlikely to ever want or use the product we are communicating about. In fact, we are currently refining a list of target customers for that very reason, we do not want people to say, “Why did I get this”? A very clever marketer once said, “Ask yourself, would I want to get this email”?
  2. If we find we have strayed when we call, we immediately apologise and remove the company/person from our list.
  3. After our first email broadcast, we only send another once invited, after a call.
  4. No broadcast or call programme is haphazard; we believe we have an obligation to our clients and their potential customers to respect their choices.
  5. In emails make sure the content is “lively” even if they don’t want to buy they enjoyed the information.
  6. Make all calls conversations rather than scripts.

As a matter of process our people tell contacts who we are, we leave messages, we are up front and honest; if your marketing contractors have trouble with these concepts, you are not getting looked after, but simply being sold. And the result is your potential customers are not happy, as a general rule.

Richard O’Neill


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