Engagement is not a dirty word!

Converging Solutions / December 25, 2015

It is funny, but when we commit to building or managing a brand, we really need to “get it”!

There was a time when I worked for “feel good” products, things that helped esteem. Today,

older, maybe a little wiser, I work for companies that have integrity. Yes, beyond all else, they are trying to make a difference.

I am presently putting together a strategy for a unique men’s wear company in Melbourne, how did this happen?

Simple, I understood what they were trying to do; look after people who have different size requirements, or that they have

other challenges that mean, the fitting room needs to accommodate a carer.

So, can this business afford national television coverage? No!

Can it change or engage an expanded market? Absolutely!

At Converging, we help companies, businesses engage with their market!

Is it cheap? Compared with old Yellow Pages Ads  or Television? Pretty Much!

Against local media like Newspapers? Definitely!

We can demonstrate, not only with our software reports, but through simple Google Search, the results we have achieved!

For an engagement fee of $200 per week for 4 weeks (payable in advance) and a $150 per week thereafter

(monthly in advance) your business will be “organically” listed #1 within WEEKS.

Furthermore, you can change your engagement with your target market.

(Please note some of these results require additional expenses such as backlink sites under your control,
a strategy and tactic which we can deliver).
Search Enging Optimisation

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