Converging Solutions / December 1, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation is more complex today with all the changes at Google,
however, it has never been more important. The measure of crosslinks and backlinks
can cause sites great problems.

When links are missing things like “anchoring phrases” that show up to the “bot” as being “not secure”.
This means the website loses some credibility. The more “broken links” the more problems.

Knowing the difference between fighting against the tsunami of competitive Keywords and the more tightly targeted
words may be the difference between a long haul and some more immediate gratification. Of course, there is always a need for balance,
SEO, like any form of marketing needs to target the low hanging fruit, with additional focus on medium and long term strategies.

Starting with the Keywords, then the On Page content, building cross and backlinks, as well as connecting social media are all contributing factors
to your digital marketing programme.

The fact is everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but that may not be in your best short term interest. Crazy you say! Well just think of this,
one of our clients is in the materials handling business. Some of the “not so sexy” products are important products in the hotel and aged care areas, Soiled Linen Trolleys, and the Rubbermaid Housekeeping Cart/Trolley. The competition for these Keywords was not high, and we were able to get immediate impetus, by being more strategic, more thoughtful.

At Converging we can do an immediate review of your site and its Social Media, and we will provide an obligation free one page report, with some immediate suggestions. Our SEO prices begin at $100 per week, with a 3 month minimum contract. Give us a call, you may need to leave a message or click here to email us

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