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Converging Solutions / July 7, 2015

Never before has Small and Medium Business along with Start-Ups had so much potential for such small cost.

In the last 20 years, the world of technology has changed how we manufacture, how we manage, and most of all how we communicate.

There was a cartoon show called the Jetsons, which is probably still running, but it showed a family exercising on a machine, talking on a phone with a screen, so that you could see the caller and more. Who would have thought, that you can make those sort of calls to anywhere around the world through Skype or on your Mobile through Facetime. These extraordinary leaps in technology have made the art of promoting or even establishing you new or mature business so much simpler and so much more cost effective.

Frankly, for most of us who were┬áin business in the “pre-website and Social Media days” and running an ad in the premium newspapers would cost you more for one ad than building an entire website today. Of course, a single ad in a Daily Newspaper was simply a waste of money, you needed 50 insertions. In fact, as an executive in magazine publishing in the 90’s we would suggest 6 to 12 insertions in monthly publications; often such programmes would start at about $24,000. Great for BMW, Porsche, or Dior but not so great for a Tradesman, 1 or 2 outlet Retailer or Start-Up.

The fact is, that today, you can build an integrated advertising, public relations, and promotional programme around your website, and within six months have real traction with your target market. At Converging Solutions, we help businesses get started in the online world, and we offer complete Start-Up Packages that include a new website, Social Media set-up, Social Media Management, plus some SEO/Backlink work for as little as $4900.

But you need to understand that this needs to be budgeted. The rock that so many people perish on is having the cashflow to support themselves and the business. Plans, especially financial plans need to be set up. I have had experiences where a start-up had a lead time of 1st contact to first payment was 3 months, they had the finance to cover the 1st 3 months, but when the early contacts didn’t immediately convert to sales, they were in trouble. Give yourself plenty of breathing room, you deserve it.

And if you tell us your plans and your budget, we can help you build your business.

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