The Perils of Pauline & Website Development

Converging Solutions / September 30, 2016

This week I spent a few hours with a new client, and while I understand, as much as anyone how challenging it is to set up an online strategy and carry it out, I am regularly appalled at how businesses get charged for product (websites etc) that have the life cycle of 12 months and no capacity to upgrade.

No matter how diligent we are, there is no way, that we can see the future (technology), but what we can do, is have a level of future proofing built into a development we create. At least in that way we can all end up with a reasonable outcome. But any business building websites without basic SEO elements in place, need a kick in the bum.

It’s now over 10 years since we began building websites, and while much has changed, even then, we had strategies to get clients onto the 1st page of Google, and I must say, it was a lot easier back then! But one of our first clients still sits on #Page1 from all those years past, because it was set up to hold up!
So, anyone not providing some element of understanding for this area in the “build” process of a website has no excuse today.

We are not the only player on the block, I know, because I get inundated daily with offers of Web Development, SEO, Social Media etc every day. It appears these people don’t even visit my site before they make offers. But the one thing we guarantee is that we will make sure that when we build a site, the basics are in place. In fact, we will provide you with a simple, one page instruction sheet to help you manage your own SEO and Content Management activities once it has completed. Of course, we also provide SEO services if you choose, but my point is, you get to have a functioning piece of infrastructure that can be administered and managed.
At Converging Solutions, we are not perfect, but we don’t charge $20K for something that doesn’t deliver even respectable traffic. In fact, we work over and above to ensure your site is getting traction within the first 30 days!

So if you are “over it” “sick of it” or any other “its” call us for a telephone conversation and we will see if we can get you over the “its”!

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